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Monday, June 20, 2011

Photography "Class"

Today I spent a large portion of my time reading some photography, specifically digital photography, books that I got for Christmas. My own personal photography class!

I'd read most of the first in a two book series by Scott Kelby before today, but re-read it all again anyway. And then I began the second one which I will finish tomorrow.

I've always loved taking photos, in fact, I often refer to myself as a photo whore (shhhh, I didn't say that). And at times I've pondered what it would have been like if I'd studied photography instead of theatre, where would I be now if...? But the if game is dangerous and not productive in any fashion, so instead I gave myself my own digital photography class.

I'm determined to get better at my photography and perhaps even become truly hirable as a photographer for portrait shoots: family's, headshot's, engagement photos and the like. And who knows what else ... so I'm going through the books I've got, learning things I didn't know (and reading some things I did), learning about where to buy good equipment bits, learning about websites and other books to check out, learning some great "tricks" and testing things out on the equipment I already do own.

There is so much stuff that I need / want in order to take better pictures...the list is long and the dollar sign is large (though some of the items are surprisingly "not that" expensive). Anyone wanna be my sugar daddy??? Or a sweet and mysterious donate'er of stuff for my upcoming Photography career? Anyone? Anyone? NO? I didn't think so. But I digress...I shall make a list and slowly but surely check the items off as I obtain them (anyone wanna take a stab at how many years it will take?)!

Upcoming Photo Shoots: I'm going to ask a friend if I can do a shoot of her and her kids as my first "test job", so I can try some things out before I go and do a shoot for my cousin and her family, since she's specifically asked me to do a family portrait shoot. And hopefully I can also use my friend to test out headshot style photos, since another cousin of mine asked me to take his.

Anyway, that's what I did today. Both job and personal front. That's all.

Nope ... not all, I did in fact do a bit more work on my photo theatre project ... and that is all!

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  1. Hopefully ... I've got three photography shoots set up:
    1. My Friend her family - family photo's and just her girls.
    2. My Cousin's Headshot's
    3. My Cousin's Family Photo's

    While I'm out in Seattle I'm also hoping to do a 1 Year Anniversary Shoot of my friend and her husband.

    And that's what I've got in the photography department right now ... assuming I can take good photos that is.