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"Theatre is a form of knowledge; it should and can also be a means of transforming society. Theatre can help us build our future, rather than just waiting for it." ~Augusto Boal

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

June 10-12 ... Life

I spent the weekend in Newburgh, NY at my cousins wedding. This means that I got to spend the weekend playing with my fabulous nieces and visiting with my bro and sister in law and other family. And rather obviously, it also means that I didn't do any job hunting ...

I did communicate with the people revolving (that makes it sound like they're in a merry-go-round and the job and I are in the center) around my stay and time in Bremerton/Seattle at the end of July, which looks like it's a go!

My bro really wants me to have the time out there and so he's given me some money to help with the ferry ride between Seattle and Bremerton - which was one of my concerns in taking the job ... how was I going to justify the time/afford it if I was only making $500/week and needing to spend at least that for the two week stay and ferry rides. It's very nice, and humbling, to know how badly he wants my dreams to come true and how much he'd (and already is) doing to help me get there!

My folks have also said that they're going to help me out with my flight, with some free miles, sweeeeeet! And also thanks!!!

And so with these two familial helps I can better afford the Bremerton gig! Oh yeah!!! AND THANK YOU!!! I know you guys read this blog sometimes ... and I know I say thank you to you directly ... but THANK YOU! I hope you know how much it means to me that you guys want to help me with my dreams - and that you'll do so because you believe in me and my talents! I love you!

And then there's June 13th and 14th...
June 13th ... nada.
And on June 14th I worked as a Sub in the Elementary school. I'm not a big fan of sub'ing in the Elementary school ... haha ... I think I like Middle Schoolers the best - go figure! :o)

And now today I'm back to looking for more work ... and wondering if and when I'll hear about that potential Resident Stage Manager position at Cap. Rep.

Off to 'work' I go!

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  1. Don't read it sometimes...read it all the time. I check it every morning.

    I wish I could do more, and would if I had the means.

    You are going to find something in Seattle. I mean beyond the two short gigs you've got lined up. I think you're really going to find something in the Northwest. It's a long trip to see family, but you've been comfortable with those before. And, if you DO find stable/long-term work out there...I'm buying you and iphone so we can do easy video-chats with no issues.

    Really good to see you Mags. Hopefully we'll do it again soon.