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Friday, January 21, 2011

Ooops...and an application.

Strike that, reverse it ...

I just sent out an email submission for the Production Stage Manager role with Revision Theatre, for their summer '11 production of JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR.

And "my bad"...
So I did a really boneheaded thing where my second phone interview is concerned, it's supposed to be today at 3pm (and actually, as I write this I don't know if that's east coast or west coast time - the company and job are in LA ... probably LA time ...).

Right, so the email response giving me the time of my interview also had a list of things I needed to send the Artistic Director prior to the interview. So I sat down, about an hour ago, to send that all off when I realized my "skimming" of the email meant I didn't really take it all in. Along with my resume they want a description of the class you'd teach - they had a description of what that means on their website. Well my initial reading of the email was too fast and so I don't have a class arc to send.

REMEDY - I hope ...
I've sent off an email, apologizing for not better reading the email, stating that I don't feel I've enough time to create the class overview by the interview time, and asking (and hoping/praying) that they'll allow me another interview time.
Obviously I apologized for my oversight, blamed myself entirely - since it is all my fault - and stated I would understand if it's not possible to get another interview time.

Sigh...sometimes the no's are my fault! Live and learn.


  1. Lucky...
    I got lucky and the company is very understanding, and allowing me to do my phone interview on Monday!!! Woo hoo!!!
    Now, to create my class overview.

  2. ps...they were happy with the fact that I wanted to be fully prepared when being interviewed.

  3. YAY!
    completely irrelevent, but that is a smoking hot photo! nice!

  4. Thanks my dear.
    A friend took it on Southbank in London shortly before I had to come home. ;o)