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Thursday, May 19, 2011

I'm a donkey!

So, the NY Classical Theatre gig I submitted myself for called to set up an interview, and I'm the donkey who read the ad incorrectly thinking the start date was July 6th which is the performance start date, the rehearsal start date is June 6th. When I called the guy back, just now, he sounded super positive about me, wanting to interview in the next day or so ... this is when I realized my mistake. Telling him I'm working upstate and that I've got end of the year performances with Drama Kids keeping me busy for the next couple of weeks (I'm not done for the year until June 5th, the last day of our performances), but that I could interview over the phone. He sounded like he was in a mad hurry because I barely got that out when he sort of cut me off saying he'd save my resume for another project. Hopefully that's true and they'll call me back for a different job in the future.

It was such a hopeful feeling so quickly dashed into a NO. I don't know, perhaps I should call him back or email him back saying that I'd be done on the 5th and could start rehearsals that Monday the 6th, but I just can't make it in for an in person interview so a phone interview would work ... ???!!!

Have I ever mentioned that I hate gig overlaps, especially when putting out applications for new jobs ... my current job overlaps, just barely, making me a no go for this PSM gig in NYC .... I really do hate overlaps, hahaha!!!

For real though, timing issues are really bringing me down right now. Not just this no but the other summer gig overlap that I've been sort of putting off sorting out this week, the one towards the end of the summer ... argh! I really need to make up my mind on this one and the decision isn't an easy one to make. The job that overlaps and "made the mistake" isn't willing and or able to adjust the dates so I have to decide to lose this job entirely or to give up one week of the other job. The one is really good money and a good resume credit / the other, the one where I'd lose a week, is with a reputable theatre company, also great resume credit and a friend worked really hard to get me the job ... easy decision, right?! Not to mention the fact that I don't know what would happen if I backed out of one week where my friend has gotten me work. Would they be able to fill that week with another director/teacher? Would I lose all three weeks if I back out of one? ARGH! I hate decisions like this, for all my "strength" and "courage" ... I f'ing HATE decisions like this!

And still no interview set up for the Cap Rep position, our phone tag and my email still haven't resulted in a connection to set up the interview. I seriously hope this doesn't turn into a no as well, at least not before I interview for the position.

For the moment, that's all...gonna go find other things to apply for and contemplate recontacting the NY Classical Theatre ...


  1. Another voicemail message for Cap Rep...still waiting...

  2. Woo hoo, the email worked and I've got an interview date of May 31st for the SM job with Cap Rep! Wish me luck!