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"Follow your bliss!" ~J. Campbell ... and my folks!

"The idea of waiting for something makes it more exciting." ~Andy Warhol

"There is no passion to be found playing small - in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living." ~Nelson Mandela

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"Theatre is a form of knowledge; it should and can also be a means of transforming society. Theatre can help us build our future, rather than just waiting for it." ~Augusto Boal

Monday, September 26, 2011

Theatre Theatre Theatre Theatre Theatre Car!

So I've officially signed my contract to Stage Manage "Pure Poe" with Cap Rep, and me likey! I realized last night that I had accepted the job without ever asking how much I would actually be making, ha ha ha - brilliant, no?! - and I love the number. Of course one could always say they'd like a larger one, but it's more/week than I have made in quite a while, woop woop!

It's going to be a busy month ... assuming I can manage to do some of my Drama Kids classes on top of stage managing this tour, however, my DK boss knows that I've got this job (in fact she ok'd me to do it, knowing that I might not be able to work at all in October ... so ...) so we'll see what transpires. The schedule looks to me like there will be some days I can do DK after the tour day, but I'm not entirely positive yet. Gotta look at it all ... with maps and stuff ... travel happens when it's a TOUR!

CAR ... gotta get this sorted out. I'm totally stressing it because my SM job is Monday - Saturday and without wheels ... well that's just tragic. And there are days when my call will be well before the folks need to be at work so going in with them, or them going in with me would be tragic as well.

Anyhoo...I spent several hours over at Cap Rep getting started - the SM has to do "site visits" to the locations so we'll know exactly what we need at each place before we go there on the show day, which means a lot of scheduling (and a little grumbling on my part, I wasn't aware of this aspect before hand - again, neeeeeeed me some wheels - and a few of the locations are pretty "far" ... though I was told that I will get mileage reimbursed and tolls for anywhere I go for a site visit, so it's not all bad).

So I'm now waiting, at our newly renovated Brugger's Bagel, until I have to go for today's Drama Kids class.

And that, for the moment, is all!

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