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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Missed it by 20 minutes ...

Drat, I missed "today's" (Friday July 22nd) post by twenty-one minutes.

Week one is done and it's all going really well. Aristocats still needs a few small dialogue scenes to be blocked, though I do have them pre-blocked myself. And once that is done the Choreographer and I need to see / smooth out some things - transitions between choreography and staging - during a first stumble thru.

Into The Woods is looking awesome. They're going to get to a stumble thru on Monday afternoon ... saaaa-weet! Today I held a contest in the morning and afternoon sessions to see who would "go the whole hog" and really act (show me their character), remember their blocking, sing, move, smile, have fun, etc...and that was a good motivational tool - I believe - for getting them to go further with their characters. We'll see what Monday brings.

New Improv Game learned today:

3 people in the scene. 1 is sitting down. 1 person did something to the other and so they are in a fight, and the third person is trying to help them make up.
1 person goes out of the room so they can't hear the audiences choices - but they know the relationship of all 3 who will be in the scene (ie: boyfriend/girlfriend/wingman or three sisters where two are fighting and one is trying to get them to make up).
The audience decides what the character - the one who's outside not listening - has "done" to the other person. They also decide what this character will do to make it up to the person they "wronged".
The wingman's job is to use gestures only to get the first person to figure out what they did, and the person who was wronged can help out with some words.
Trick - if the person sitting see's the wingman doing funky gestures and asks what's going on the wingman has to "justify" what they are doing, and the same thing goes for the person who's trying to apologize.

"I'm sorry I BLANK, and I promise to BLANK" is a good way to get the person who's guessing to do it.

*Also, an ahhhh from the audience when they guesser is close and clapping when they hit it on the nose is fun for them too.

~That is probably not written out well but I didn't want to forget it ... and it's late ... and so there.

:o) Goodnight/morning!

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