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Monday, July 25, 2011

Did everything fall out of the campers heads over the weekend?

NO! Hey, that fits with the theme of this blog (sort of, well it's a no at any rate)! The kids did not lose everything we taught them from last week over the weekend, phew!

So the weekend proved to be beneficial for most (though not all) of the older kids in Into The Woods. We had a stumble thru today, 6 days after they got the scripts, and they did very well - almost entirely off book and with not "too many" line bobbles and all that! They know most of scenes 1-3, it gets shaky in scene 4 & 5, and they were (again for the most part) all really trying with their characters. Volume needs help, seems not to matter how much I ask they are often not projecting, and or putting their butts to the audience (or sometimes their shoulders). And I find it interesting that, as teens who are always making loud noise and always want to be the center of the universe, you put them on stage and they get soft, turn their backs or sides to the audience, and can't seem to understand that you don't have to look people in the eyes with every word they say - ESPECIALLY IN THEATRE! Hahaha...

But I digress, they did really well!

Aristocats did alright this morning. We have 2 pages worth of text left to "officially" block and the show will be done. If Woods wasn't doing a stumble thru this afternoon (that the Aristokids watched) we would have gotten thru it entirely. We'll get'er'done in the morning tomorrow, and then it's their - YIKES, gulp - turn for a stumble thru. Considering they have more real dance/music numbers we're going to have to work on blending the staging with choreography and vice versa ... and well, I bet one or two of those kids (ok, maybe more like 5 or 6) will have their lines "memorized" the way the older kids did today. We'll see.

Tomorrow should be really interesting ... ahhhhh ha ha ha ha!!!

Some character work, some section work, some run thrus ... some crazy'ness ... awesome!

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