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"Theatre is a form of knowledge; it should and can also be a means of transforming society. Theatre can help us build our future, rather than just waiting for it." ~Augusto Boal

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Drama Kids

Today I got the info for the next Drama Kids Camp I will be teaching, it's over the spring break ... it's like the one I just did the over winter break but different curriculum ... woo hoo! It's an intense week, but good fun and good money!

Other than that, today was a book day ... I finished "Ape House" by Sara Gruen. She's a really good writer ... she writes so you don't want to stop reading it. And I have liked the 3 novels of hers that I've read, but neither of the two I've read recently ("Riding Lessons" and "Ape House") are like "Water for Elephants"...this one really touched me, like no other novel ever has. I absolutely fell in love with it! And I am super afraid (I know, oxymoron in my field and all that) of the adaptation for the film. I rarely like a film that's been adapted from a novel I've loved, I always feel they leave too much out, that the actors never look like/act like the characters as they were in my head, and they changed things ... too much ... and with this book, having loved it so much, I'm just SUPER afraid the movie will fall flat for me, or worse that I'll "hate it". Even though I like Reese Witherspoon and believe Robert Pattinson (who's yummy to look at) has more talent than the 'Twilight' films could show...I'm just not sure if I can see it.

Random tangent done.

More tomorrow....hopefully more that's related "more" to this blog. Hahahaha...though I suppose this is ... it is 365 Days of Me OR The Blog of No. :o)


  1. The only book I have ever read, and loved so much that I felt transported by it, that even came CLOSE to being approximated on the big screen was Jurassic Park. And even there, large omissions, character deletions and character amalgams, pithy writing and whatnot were dramatically altered. There is a reason books, in this day of electronic/technological achievement, still maintain a thriving niche...

  2. True, Jurrasic Park was "close'ish" to the book, and more so than many other books to film that I've seen. And I fully agree that books thrive because they give people what can not be accomplished in films. Imagination around the scenarios being described.

    I once had a guest speaker in one of my directing classes in London say something to the effect of "...if you don't want your writing 'played with', messed about with and all that, write a novel...it's the only place where you can write the exact specifics down and make sure the people read what you want them too (if the room is black and the guy in it is a blonde with a scar running down his right arm, every time your ead it that's what you'll get)...words in a play are interpreted by those who direct it, act it and so forth..." (and even more so if the play/film is an adaptation of someone else's novel.)

    And yet, this same book that I feel in love with, and feel not sure about the film ... I have, what I deem to be, a brilliant stage adaptation for it in my mind. Hahahah...