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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Writing ... work ... ???

Ok, well today I worked on some of the things I am attempting to write ... haha, that sounds funny ... attempting to write. Well I guess it's true though, I mean, I'm taking a stab at it. Giving it the old college try ... bad pun's need to stop, done.

Today I worked on the one and only play that I've really ever written. It's a one act. There's still an element to it that I've not been able to work out. The play is several short scenes between two people, and the chronology goes in reverse. Between each scene I've written in something called the 'rewind' ... something that will help the audience know that we're going backwards in time - and time to change the minimal set pieces. The problem is, I have no idea what the rewinds should be. At any rate, the scenes are done.

I've had my mother read it and I've sent it off to a trusted friend to see what she thinks ...
Mom says she likes the dialogue and thinks it's written well ... she found it a bit awkward to read having the time line go backwards but she thinks it will read well on stage - until we were chatting after she read it, I'm not sure got that the rewinds are where the audience will understand we are going back in time ... or the fact that I've not yet figured exactly out what they should be. All in all a positive review from Mom with a few things to work out.

Aside from that, I also spent some time working on a story I've got going ... not sure what it will turn into ... but it's defo a short story or something along those lines, it's not a script.

So, that is the "work" I did on this fine Sunday ... when I wasn't watching "Pillars of the Earth" and falling just a bit in smit with a good British actor named Eddie Redmayne (I think that's his name ... he plays Jack in the mini-series). ;o)

And now, before I go to bed, I shall pick up the book I am currently reading.



  1. Rewinds: (1) slow reverse of a thematically appropriate record or song. Though certainly this would be an auditory clue, if you are looking for on-stage action as well, I'm not sure how to accompany this.
    (2) Make a "time line" part of the set which remains throughout (days, months, years, decades, hours, whatever the period of your piece is) and can be "set" as the necessary changes are made? I'm envisioning a slide-rule, but an electronic banner or some other type could do it. Of course, you're more creative than I am so if you like this idea, you'll dramatically improve upon it.
    (3) Start the play with characters wearing "sepia" toned garb which gets progressively more vibrant as the piece goes on? Could this effect be achieved by lighting tricks?
    (4) come to Maryland so we can have a beer, a Scotch, and a wine, in whatever order necessary (experimentation, MY forte...) to achieve enlightenment.

  2. I have no idea why I'm on here following you twice. Once as "mdhhoya" and once as 54dd1e32-3926-11e0.........

  3. Hey! I like the rewind thoughts, thanks! The sepia idea is really interesting - I wonder if it could be done .... hmmm ... and #4 is in progress!!!